Thoughts As Seeds

Garden of Your Mind Morning Meditation

“It is our soul’s mission to connect with, cherish, and realize our desires in order to live our lives to the fullest and make our greatest contributions to the world. In fulfilling our heart-held dreams, we flourish, serving ourselves and others from a place of bliss, generosity, and love.” We are the gardener, planting seeds (thoughts) in our subconscious mind based on the way we normally think. What we sow we will reap! What kind of thoughts do you have? Are you repeating certain things to yourself, whether negative or positive? This meditation had me reflect on and write down what some of my beliefs are and what I believe to be true. Thinking about it, I know this has changed drastically from my beliefs ten years ago, which is a good thing! So wherever you are, know you can begin to change your beliefs. Reword what you are telling yourself. Change “I am in debt” to “I am actively working my way out of debt” or “I am regaining control of my finances”. Think about the seeds you would like to sow. What kind of outcomes do you want in your near future? Also, recall any negative seeds that have been sown and remove them! Recognize, remove and replace them. Take time now to think about what you would like to see happen in your life and work backwards to create beliefs that support your goals. Good luck! “The law of life is the law of belief.” Try meditation here.

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