So. Berkshires AT Hike, Beartown State Forest

Another all weather hike in this wacky and indecisive spring weather. 😳 We saw and felt the warm sun, a cold breeze and also snow on the second half of the trail. This is a small leg (mileage wise) so it is a great one to do if you want some extra time after the hike to go to lunch or dinner or any of the shops in Great Barrington. The hike took a little more than 3 hours and we took our time to stop along the way. Find the link below!

Rt 23 to Beartown Mountain Rd; Link on All Trails if you want to follow 🗺

  • 🚗 🚗 Two car hike
  • ~6 miles
  • 📈 1600 feet elevation gain, steep to start!
  • 💦 💦 💦 soooo much water for the dogs! It felt like every 15 min you crossed over a stream
  • 🌊 Go by 3 large ponds; Benedict Pond which has it’s own loop, Swann Brook (with lots of beavers and dams!), and then another with no name on the map🗺
  • 🛣. You will need to cross 2 roads so be on the lookout and leash dogs if you let them loose

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