Thoughts and thought patterns..

“Cultivate contentment by resolutely refusing to be frightened by shadows or to see trouble where there is none. We can accomplish much toward curing ourselves of fretting and worrying by refusing to be misled by a foreboding imagination.”

Sometimes, even when hiking, especially long distances, my mind tends to wander. I’ll run through all the typical things; work, family, the people in my life, how Captain won’t let me cut his nails. 🙄 And sometimes, when there is nothing left to think of, my mind drifts to places where I am making up instances to worry or think about. I really think I am addicted to thinking! But it isn’t always helpful and it reminds me that I have to remember to observe and control my thoughts. Something my dad said to me once is, “don’t fight the windmills.” I had typed it into the notes app of my phone (on 8/1/17) cause I loved it so much. When I looked it up, it means to stop fighting enemies that aren’t there. So when you’ve got time on your hands and your brain starts going…

  1. Recognize it; the worrisome thought process. (Can even say you yourself – “Oops, there it goes again..)
  2. Observe the thoughts. (Even let them play out for a min!)
  3. Recommit to the vision and goals you have for yourself. Trust that they are yours and trust that you will see them through. Let this be like a north star to see you through any negative thinking.

“The joyous life is full of hope. Our desire to be happy must be accompanied by confident expectation of attaining the same. Happy people live in cheerful anticipation of a bright future. To be happy we must be optimistic, rather than pessimistic.” Quotes from The True Source of a Happy Life by Hugh Wayt, 1909

Caleb’s Peak, Kent CT 4.5 miles 1340 elevation gain

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