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Alander to Brace Mtn Loop~When you think you’ve done ’em all..think again!

Growing up here in CT and having hiked around here for several years I sometimes think I’ve done all the hikes and seen all the scenes 🤔 (scenic overlooks on mountains that is, not into any other scene really 😳 ). BUT that’s one of the beauties of joining a hiking group (this particular one is on Meetup.com). You get to see hikes other people have planned that you would’ve never thought of! This hike below is one of them. I’ve gone up Alander Mountain two different ways but this is a third and new way that I tried over the weekend. I think it’s the steepest and greatest elevation climb out of them all but I haven’t officially measured that yet. It’s a loop that offers walking along streams, crossing a pretty big one (the Ashley Hill Brook, be prepared!) and summiting two mountains with 360 views on both. It really made for a beautiful day and hike. Writing this the next day, I still have all the good vibes and feelings from it! That’s how you know it was a good one. 🙂 Oh, and I’m kinda sore and very hungry which is always fun when you feel like you can eat extra and still not be full! Anywho, let me know if you try it. Bring snacks and water!!

⛰ Alander Mountain to Brace Mountain Loop 🔄

  • 11.54 miles, 2,513 ft elevation gain 📈
  • 2 summits, 360 views at both ☀️
  • lots of access to water and streams for dogs 💦 🐶
  • muddy in sections 🥾
  • have to cross Ashley Hill Brook (pretty wide) bring extra socks in just case! 🧦 🧦
  • Cross into MA and then back in NY
  • Link to map on All Trails 🗺

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