10 mile AT stretch in Southern Berkshires

The Appalachian Trail runs through Massachusetts for about 90 miles. We are continuing to chip away at more of it in MA and I’ll include other links as well as these are not on All Trails and we are making them as we go. I love how the long stretches (need 2 🚗) allow you to see so many different scenes! We crossed roads, bridges, felt like we were in a few people’s backyards 😆, climbed a couple small mountains (one with sunset views!), kept following that little narrow path with the white blaze. ♡ Have you done any of the AT in MA? Do you have a favorite part? So far we’ve just done the southern stretches and are working our way further north. Hope you get to try it! Trail link here.

Lookout on East Mountain…views to west

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