Best Umbrellas for Hiking; Rain, Wind, & Sun Protection!

It might sound silly, but an umbrella to go hiking if often a piece of gear we realize we need when it’s too late! Don’t get caught on the trail in the rain or be forced to stay home on a drizzly day – arm yourself with these lightweight and made-for-hiking umbrellas! ☂️🥾🥾

woman hiking in pink rain jacket holding a blue umbrella
Lightweight and fun colors! 😍👏 (If you use my links I may earn a small commission at no cost to you! All opinions are my own & tested by me. Thank you!)

Ever been in one of these scenarios?

  • You’re on the trail in the rain and you start to feel dampness creep in on your “waterproof” jackets (they’re never fully waterproof!)
  • You have no choice but to walk the dogs when it’s raining because you live in a condo without a yard (that’s me!)
  • You’re hiking in Ireland for the first time and realize how gosh darn much it rains! You’re not prepared..
  • You’re hiking on a trail in Sedona or the Grand Canyon with zero shade in July…

In all these scenarios it’s a matter of being caught unprepared. You then have to turn around on the trail due to the rain and wind or stay home.

☔️ But a lightweight hiking umbrella would solve all of this! ☔️

woman hiking on trail with black dog and umbrella
hiking in the rain in ireland
It rained on every hike in Ireland, out of nowhere, and we were never prepared with an umbrella. :/
woman on trail with pink rain jacket and lightweight umbrella

So instead of waiting until it’s too lateuntil you’re on the trail in the rainbe prepared with one of the umbrellas below that are lightweight, packable, and perfect for hiking.

With this list of 4 of the best umbrellas for hiking, there’s no excuse to be uncomfortable in the rain (or strong sun) anymore!

List of the Best Umbrellas for Hiking or Backpacking 🌂⛱

1.🥇Most Rugged & Tested: The Weatherman Travel Mini Umbrella 

If you’re looking for modern engineering, technology, and design, this umbrella choice is top-notch.

Designed by a meteorologist! Compact and mighty it can comfortably stand up against 55 mph winds & protect against UV rays. Coupled with superb construction and you’ve got a very reliable tool to help keep dry and protected.

✔️ Lifetime warranty
✔️ Stands up to drops or inverting
✔️ 55 mph windproof
✔️ Weighs 12.8 oz
✔️ Compact; fits in any backpack🎒
✔️ 81% 5 star ratings on Amazon

☂️ Canopy Dimensions: 38 inches

☂️ Collapsed Dimensions: 11.8 inches

“I purchased this item for a trip to Europe and this item delivers. This is well made and small enough to pack in my small backpack…Works exceptionally well for one and was workable for two people.”- Amazon Review

2. My Top Choice: Blunt Metro Automatic Umbrella

I loved the feel of this one best. Lightweight and with a canopy shape and width that doesn’t block your peripheral vision!

Water and wind-resistant design, fiberglass frame, ergonomic handle, and aerodynamic-shaped canopy make this a very stylish yet practical choice when it comes to travel & trail umbrellas.

✔️ 2-year warranty
✔️ auto open button!
✔️ Tested at 77 mph winds
✔️ Weighs 13.5 oz
✔️ Compact; fits in any backpack🎒

☂️ Canopy Dimensions: 39.4 inches

☂️Collapsed Dimensions: 14.8 inches

“It’s perfect – big enough that I’m dry but not unwieldy & fits in a bag.”- Amazon Review

3. Best Hiking Umbrella on a Budget: Repel Windproof Automatic Umbrella

Not as tested as the first two options in terms of strong winds this double-vented canopy helps with airflow and reduces the likelihood of breakage in strong winds.

But if you’re looking for a sturdy, durable, & packable hiking umbrella but don’t want to spend close to $100, then this one is your best choice!

🏆 Repel Umbrella (~$25)

✔️ #1 Amazon bestseller in folding umbrellas
✔️ Wind-resistant
✔️ UPF 30+
✔️ Weighs 15 oz
✔️ Compact; fits in any backpack🎒

☂️ Canopy Dimensions: 42 inches

☂️ Collapsed Dimensions: 11.5 inches

“Look at the construction! Very durable frame. Never seen something like that on an umbrella.” Amazon Review

4. Best Hiking Umbrella for Protection Against the Sun: UV-Blocker Compact Travel Umbrella

This is by far the best choice for protection against the sun while hiking. With a wide canopy made of silver Solarteck fabric, UV rays are repelled and absorbed.

A small business with amazing reviews on Amazon, the only drawback is that while it is skinny and the lightest on this list it does not fold down to half its length. You can still affix it to side of backpack though!

✔️ From a small business
✔️ UPF rating 55+
✔️ UV resistant 🌞
✔️ Weighs 6.8 oz
✔️ 84% 5 star ratings on Amazon

☂️ Canopy Dimensions: 37 inches

☂️ Collapsed Dimensions: 25.5 inches (long!)

“…used it on a cruise ship for the forward bow party. It was unbearably hot! We were cooking in the sun… but had my umbrella and was comfortable. It really works! Much better than a conventional umbrella.”-Amazon Review

So that’s it, friends. I know one of these four choices will surely fit your budget and need for protection against the elements out there on the trail.

To sum it up, you can’t go wrong with the first three for rain and wind (it just depends how much you want to spend)

And the fourth one is the absolute best hiking umbrella for sun protection. 🌞

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best umbrellas for hiking!

woman walking on the trail with umbrella and black dog
Off we go! ☔️ Rain or shine….

Be prepared, have fun, and stay dry!

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